Attention: Authors or Publishers who want to make serious cash in the publishing industry: (whether you’re aspiring or established in the industry read on!)
The vast majority (99%) of authors make less than $50,000 a year. This is THE seminar to show you how to be in the other 1%!
San Diego - February 12, 2011
Fred Gleeck in Publishing Seminar Ron Pramschufer in Publishing Seminar Burke Allen in Publishing Seminar Bill Hanlon in Publishing Seminar

Dear Author or Publisher,

Most authors can't seem to earn a decent living. Unless you're in the small minority (like Stephen King, for instance) you're probably living from paycheck to paycheck. And I'm sure that's not what you want for yourself and your family.

Maybe you're not even making enough as a writer to work at it full time. Maybe you're working a "day job" to keep the income steady.

It doesn't have to be that way.

The simple truth is this: if you're interested in publishing books and other information products, you need to come to the Publishing Seminar. If you're an author or publisher (or aspiring to be one) this is THE event to attend. You could choose to attend events given by bigger "names" in the field, but I guarantee you that you will NOT learn nearly as much as you will here.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to massively increase their revenues as an author or publisher should attend this event. If you're an author, speaker, consultant or publisher, this event is tailor-made for you. If you're not one of these and have a product or service to promote you'll be equally well-served.

No matter what your background, this content-packed seminar will change the way you THINK about publishing. And you won’t hear this information anywhere else, either.

If you're not sure, then come anyway - because if you're not thrilled with what you learn, you get your money back. Just check out our guarantee near the end of this page. That way you have nothing to lose.

Who Should NOT Attend?

If you're looking for the SAME OLD STUFF that is continually rehashed in this industry, this event is NOT for you. If you're satisfied with the money you're making, this won't be your event. If you think you "know it all" take a pass on this event. If you’re looking for a PITCHFEST, then don’t come either.

Of course there will be things for you to buy, but you'll get plenty of content - more than 95% of our seminar will be content. We believe in providing high-quality content that you can take home and use right away - and that's what we provide every year that we do this event. Just take a look at the testimonials to see for yourself.

If you want to catapult your career into the stratosphere with people who have discovered secrets you won't hear anywhere else, this event is for you!

What's Different About This Event?

A lot of events in this industry are being presented by the "old guard" with tired ideas and concepts that haven't kept up with the times. Frequently, presenters aren't given enough time to present their information, so you don't get the details you need OR your questions answered. Not so here. You'll get so much immediately useable, profit-making information at this event it will make your head spin!

We'll have a wide range of speakers, each giving YOU their BEST information. All with sufficient time to do their topics justice. They'll have plenty of time to share what they know (and that's a LOT of information so be ready to LEARN). Oh! And by the way - these are people who are actually interested in your long term success - not fattening their wallets or boosting their egos.

And the material covered is the most current information available in the publishing industry - today's marketplace with today's technology - concentrating on maximizing your profits. If book writing and publishing is a hobby to you, this event will NOT be for you. This 1-day extravaganza is strictly for those who consider the publishing business, a BUSINESS. And, the goal of a business is the maximization of revenue and profits.

So if you want to LEARN...REALLY learn current material that is absolutely essential to build a successful publishing business, then sign up NOW.

What Will You Learn Anyway?

Frankly there's just so much information packed into this one day event that it's impossible to write it all down here. You're going to learn so much about how to make it in the publishing business that your head will be spinning! But here's just a small snippet of what you'll hear at this event "tailor-made" just for authors and publishers:

If you'd like to learn the secrets of how to turn your book or publishing business into a money machine, this seminar is for you. And, we guarantee it with the most audacious guarantee in the publishing industry. Keep reading to find out more.

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Our Unprecedented Money Back Guarantee

If up to 60 days after attending the event, you don’t honestly think we’ve given you many times what you paid in valuable content, just ask for and receive a FULL refund. We know the information will be that good. Period.

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Meet The Speakers
Fred Gleeck in Publishing Seminar
Completely Automated, Cash In Your Sleep, Book/Information Marketing Sales Machine

Here's what you'll learn from information marketing expert and upsell/back-end product sales wizard Fred Gleeck ... who has been selling books and other related products and services for the last 25 years.
  • An automated web marketing system ( that will show you how to automate your sales process to make money while you sleep.
  • A simple 5 step program to develop an audio program that will EASILY sell for $195 and take you less than 10 hours to create
  • Why you need to consider creating videos and how to produce them for a fraction of what most people pay
  • 3 keys to double your revenue from any speaking engagement that you accept
  • The two biggest reasons why most authors don't make much money and how you can avoid it
  • How to use Fred's patented "Funnel System" to turn your book buying customers into loyal purchasers of all of your other products and services
  • The single most important thing that every author has - less than 1% of authors take advantage of this revenue-producing asset!
  • Understanding what "hyper-responsive" customers are, and how you can happily have them give you their credit cards every time you sell anything
  • A simple system to develop your own information products in less than an hour - this can make you money starting right now.
  • 5 Tips to promoting your own seminars and "boot camps" to give you an immediate, huge cash flow surge
  • One reason why you probably DON'T ever want to produce a traditional newsletter and what you should do.

Fred Gleeck is an internationally known information marketing expert and publishing consultant, and is the author of fifteen books including: "Self Publishing for Maximum Profit," "Speaking for Millions," and "Marketing and Promoting Your Own Seminars and Workshops."

He has given over 1400 paid speaking engagements in the last 25 years. He shows authors, speakers and consultants how to double or triple their incomes through the use of a time tested SYSTEM that he has perfected. This system will work with ANYONE in any field, and it will work for you.

The information that you will get at this event will be very different than material you have learned at any of his other events. The thrust of his marketing efforts is now on the web. You'll be learning all about this new "paradigm."

He will show you completely new techniques to make more money. So if you think that if you've been to one of his seminars you don't need to come to this one - THINK AGAIN!

Ron Pramschufer in Publishing Seminar
Ron Pramschufer as been in or around the printing and publishing industry for over 35 years. His experience, including working in the pressroom, bindery, production office and estimating department helped give him a firm foundation to build on when he entered sales and management. He was a partner in a small press publishing company in Annapolis, MD in the late seventies and co-invented and marketed two controversial political board games which sold over 100,000 copies in the early eighties.

Moving from his home state of Maryland to New York City after his game experience, Ron sold printing services primarily to small and mid-sized book publishers for over a decade before founding RJ Communications, with an old friend. Ron recognized the potential of the Internet very early as a powerful communications tool. In 1997 he started one of the first printer related websites,, which catered to the professional print buyer. This evolved into and more recently which target the print buying novice, primarily self-publishers. All three sites are still operating successfully and was named as one of Writers Digest's, 101 Best Websites for Writers in 2006. Having swung almost exclusively into self publishing services, the name RJ Communications, LLC was officially changed to Self Publishing, Inc. in 2009.

Educating the novice print buyer has been a top priority from day one. To help address this issue, Ron co-authored the popular title Publishing Basics- a Guide for the Small Press and Independent Self-Publisher, now in its Fourth Edition with a changed subtitle, Navigating the Self Publishing Minefield. He is the organizer of the monthly Publishing Basics Newsletter where he writes a sometimes controversial Ask Ron column which addresses various aspects of the publishing process. Since its inception, RJ Communications, and now Self Publishing, have helped thousands of customers print over 100 million books.

Ron is married and has three children. His daughter, Stephanie, teaches second grade and recently self-published her first two children's book in the Oliver the Clownfish series. Matthew, his oldest son, owns a website design business and Erik, the youngest, is attending Ohio Wesleyan as an economics major.

Bill Hanlon in Publishing Seminar
The Roadmap to Getting a Print Book Sold and Published

Print publishing with a major publisher is not for everyone, but if it is for you (or you want to determine if it is), Bill will teach you what he's learned over the course of writing 30+ books, published by major publishers such as W.W. Norton, HarperCollins, John Wiley and Sons, Allyn and Bacon, Penguin, and others. He was not a natural author and developed strategies for getting a book completed and published, and finding and signing with a literary agent. He then went on to coach 100+ books by others into print (one student received a $100,000 advance and another got a $30,000 advance-neither of these authors had every written or published a book previously).

He has now refined this process, informally coaching friends and colleagues over the years (one friend I coached recently got a $30,000 advance) and will reveal the secrets to you in this chock-full-of-useful-and-practical content and strategies presentation.

Bill O'Hanlon has authored or co-authored 30 books, the latest being Quick Steps to Resolving Trauma (W.W. Norton, 2010) and Write is a Verb (Writer’s Digest, July 2007). He has published 57 articles or book chapters. His books have been translated into 16 languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, German, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian, Italian, Croatian, Arabic, Polish and Japanese. He has appeared on Oprah (with his book Do One Thing Different), The Today Show, and a variety of other television and radio programs. He has several websites:;;;;

Bill will teach you:

  • How to decide if you need an agent
  • How to find a good agent
  • How to get the agent to represent your book
  • How to prepare a kick-ass proposal that makes your book jump to the top of the agent's or publisher's stack
  • How the money part works and what kind of money to expect from selling a print book

Burke Allen in Publishing Seminar
Burke Allen brings over two decades of hands on media experience as a radio and TV host, writer, top-rated morning show personality, radio station owner, national booking agent, broadcast consultant and educator to his role as CEO/President of Allen Media Strategies. The full-service media and marketing consultation and strategy firm located in Washington DC works with best-selling and self published authors, speakers, entertainers and media personalities on their individual strategic media, marketing and P.R. goals. His exclusive list of author clients have appeared on all the major television and radio networks including NBC's Today Show, CBS's Late Night with David Letterman, FOX's O'Reilly Factor, Hannity, Glenn Beck and Red Eye, CNN's Larry King Live, MSNBC’s Hardball, Sirius/XM, etc. His authors have also received print coverage in dozens of leading publications including The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Los Angeles Times, People, Parade etc. and across cyberspace in leading web portals including Yahoo, AOL, NewsMax, Big Hollywood, etc. He can be reached at

Burke will teach you:

  • How to drill down to the core message in your book that will generate media coverage
  • What media outlets are really looking for in an author guest
  • How to best approach TV, radio and print professionals to generate coverage
  • What special skills you absolutely must have in order to sell your books with media appearances
  • How to save thousands of dollars on your media and marketing campaign for your book
Here's What Others Have Said About Our Events:

(These are just a few of hundreds of testimonials on file in my office)

"The bootcamp was by far the best workshop I have ever attended. As I told you Friday morning, I felt I had received my money's worth after your presentation first thing in the morning. The light bulbs were going off in my head all over the place! They kept going off during every presentation I came away with a knowledge base that is 1000% greater than what I went in with. I feel I have all the tools now to get my business to the level to which I want it to be. Your bootcamp has saved me at least three-five years of time. Thanks so much and I would recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants to succeed in the information marketing business."
Carol Amato - Stargazer Publishing Company

"All of this information was very good. I really have not had time to digest it all, but I will. This information at this time is almost like a message from above that I am headed in the right direction. It was so power packed with good stuff that I cannot believe I am getting this gift right when I needed it. Thank you."
Benita Beckles - Staff Development Specialist - Detroit Public Library

"Fred Gleeck is the kind of person everyone hopes to find but rarely does. Not only is he full of useful information, he is more than willing to share everything he knows and wants his students to be as successful as he is. Fred is a great speaker. He motivates you to succeed and then tells you how to go about doing it. He encourages questions - even long after your seminar or tape series has ended. How many people do you know who will arrange to speak with you on a Sunday afternoon weeks after the seminar? Fred did. He can offer a 100% lifetime money back guarantee because his stuff is good, really good! His next seminar is in six weeks and I can hardly wait!"
Cindy Kappler, Author/Publisher

"Fred Gleeck is phenomenal: He is straight-forward, no-nonsense and right on track with his expert advice. He packs his seminars with plenty of practical, useful and effective tips based on his own first-hand experiences.

A few years ago I took his consultants seminar in which he advised participants to 'write a book to establish yourself as an expert.' I followed his advice, and am now an accomplished best-selling author and consulting expert for network TV. When Fred Gleeck speaks, entrepreneurs and business executives everywhere should listen. He is simply a marketing genius."
Dr. Grace Cornish, New York, NY

"Just wanted to say thanks again for a sweet seminar. I was so impressed! You can bet I'll be back. And now that I'm on your list I'll be keeping an eye out for when you're in NYC for more Fred events.
Here's a fun blog post that I wrote on the event: That Warm And Fuzzy Feeling: Fred Gleeck's Latest Seminar"
Elizabeth Purvis, Copywriter

"I have been to a LOT of seminars and spent 10's of thousands of dollars on business education in the last 12 months. I've been to many good seminars and many B.S. no content pitch-a-thons as well so I'm qualified to say that Freds was by far one of the absolute best valued seminars I've ever been to."
Phil Barnao

"I finally received the mp3 of the publishing seminar and could hardly tear myself away from it long enough to enjoy my vacation. It made the plane flight fly by. Talk about packed with information, you couldn't have jammed more into this event if you had used a crowbar. Everything you produce is gold."
Paul Stevens


All Your Questions About Publishing Answered

Any and all questions you have about the publishing/self publishing business will be answered in this open forum. At the end of the day we'll open up the event to ANY and all questions that YOU have.

Each of your questions will be answered by this team of experts. Make sure to plan on staying until the end of the day for this is a CRUCIAL element of this event. This section alone will be worth your entire registration fee.

What's The Cost?

Your investment in this content-packed 1-day seminar is just $97 - about what you'd spend for just 10 minutes of one of our experts' time (and that's if they do consulting at all).

So why is the price so low?

There are a few reasons - first of all, we love to teach. We've been putting on this event for years and we enjoy it. Secondly, we wanted to keep the price low due to the economy - we don't want to make price an issue for anyone, but we have to charge something to cover our costs (travel, event fees, etc.). Plus, we meet some interesting folks and learn things at these events, too - so we're not doing it just for YOU. We get something out of it, too!

Now it's your turn - register below to guarantee your spot - don't wait. This event has filled up in past years and is sure to sell out at this low price. And remember, it's guaranteed so you have nothing to lose. Sign up now - just click below to get started. See you there!

It's very easy to Register:

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Bonuses for ordering by Midnight :

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Full hotel info given to those who register

Event Schedule
February 12 8:30 - 5:30

NO Publishing Event Gets Higher Ratings Than This One

There are a number of choices that you have in the publishing industry for educational events. NO ONE gets higher ratings than we do. Why? Because we provide immediately useable, highly relevant, specific information on how YOU can make more money as an author or publisher.

If you want to hear a lot of intellectual pontification, this is not the seminar for you. If you want to learn a system to double or triple your income in the next 18 months you can't afford to miss out on this program.

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If This Sounds Like a Lot of Information ...


It is. I can't stand going to events that are filled with fluff. This seminar is packed with meat!

How Else Is This Seminar Different?

In addition to speaking at a lot of seminars, I'm a seminar junkie myself. I have a serious gripe with most of the seminars that I attend. Most of them have the following fatal flaw. They either have speakers that are extremely dynamic and have excellent speaking skills but LOUSY CONTENT, or they have great content and can't speak worth a damn..

In this seminar, you get both.

All the speakers give you a logical, step by step plan to help you catapult your business into the stratosphere. You'll gain a specific course of action to take. Nothing is left to chance!

If you want to be able to create a steady stream of income that will keep flowing even if you stop working, this is the seminar for you. REGISTER NOW!

Fred Gleeck
Fred Gleeck

PS - Don't miss out on your opportunity to send your profits through the roof. The free bonuses alone are worth much more than your $97 investment, not to mention the hours of priceless secrets these experts will share with you. Sign up now!

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